Pre-conference Workshops NOW AVAILABLE!


Whole day Workshops

  1. UNICEF - "Towards Evidence-Based Voluntary National Reviews: Strengthening National Evaluation Capacities in Asia"
  2. FAO - Working Title: "The evaluation is for you! Increasing evaluation utilization and ownership through stakeholder engagement by way of workshops, knowledge management, and Eval ForwARD"
  3. MERL Tech Stream - An introduction to the use of technology and digital tools for monitoring and evaluation, including a wide overview and focused sessions on digital tools for remote monitoring in fragile contexts, big data, blockchain, data ethics, privacy and security, and safeguarding.'

Half day Workshops (AM)

  1. Fusing evidence with action in government and private sector settings
  2. Evidence and gap maps: A systematic approach to scoping in social sciences
  3. Using logic models and rubrics in program evaluation: A practical approach

Half day Workshops (PM)

  1. How to design an evaluation report using development assistance criteria?
  2. Knowledge Sharing on Evaluation of SDGs Implementation in Indonesia Municipalities and Its Policy Transfer for Asia Pacific Local Government
  3. Implementing a Developmental Evaluation

To register and see the workshop details (facilitator's background, workshop targets, strategy and objectives), visit

NOTE: Participants are allowed to pick either 1 whole day workshop OR 2 half day (AM&PM) workshops only. Some workshops will have limited slots. Reservations for slots in such workshops come in a first-come-first-serve basis. Payment is required to confirm your slot/s, unless you have been endorsed by the workshop host/facilitator.

Pre-conference workshop fee = 100 USD

Conference Registration Fee

The online payment facility for the conference registration fee is now available! Below are the rates:

  • Conference registration fee (regular rate) - 300 USD
    • Inclusions:
      • Participation to the following:
        • 26 February - Parliamentarian's session organized by Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation & UNICEF (DAY 2)
        • 27 February - Main Conference, Opening Day (DAY 3) hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Ortigas Center
        • 28 February to 1 March - Main Conference (DAY 4 & 5) at Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas
      • Conference kit (booklets and tokens)
      • Attendance Certificates
      • Lunch and AM/PM Snacks
  • Pre-conference workshop fee - 100 USD register at

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Conference Venues

The 2nd APEA International Conference will be held on the following venues:

  • 25 February 2019 | Pre-Conference Workshop, DAY 1 - Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • 26 February 2019 | Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation: Global MPs Session, DAY 2 - Venue to be announced
  • 27 February 2019 | 2nd APEA International Conference, OPENING DAY, DAY 3 - Asian Development Bank (ADB) Complex, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • 28 February 2019 | 2nd APEA International Conference, DAY 4 - Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • 1 March 2019 | 2nd APEA International Conference, DAY 5 - Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

2nd APEA International Evaluation Conference - "Reducing Poverty - Enabling Peace: Evaluation for accountability, transparency and sustainable development"

The Asia - Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA), in cooperation with PHILDEV (the national evaluation association in the Philippines), is pleased to announce that the run up to the 2nd APEA International Conference, with the theme: “Reducing Poverty - Enabling Peace: Evaluation for Accountability, Transparency and Sustainable Development”, has been launched and major milestones for the big event are now being accomplished.

Conference Themes include;

  • Results Evaluation and SDGs: The potent power of partnership for peace, security and sustainable development
  • Different milieus of interventions and results evaluation for peace, security and sustainable development
  • Results evaluation in the Private Sector and emerging ventures - what’s the real score?
  • Evaluation evidence and what’s done to influence national policies and actions
  • The must to strengthen evaluation communities for advancing peace, security and sustainable development

The conference will be held on 25th of February to 1st of March 2019 at Manila, Philippines. This announcement serves as a ‘heads-up’ and further information will be regularly disseminated from here on.APEA, a strictly non-partisan association of national evaluation societies in the region, aims to improve the theory, practice, use, and institutions of evaluation. It advocates building up the capacity of individual evaluators and member VOPEs (voluntary organization for the professionalization of evaluators) while it advances the cause of evaluation for achieving transparent, accountable, and just societies across the Asia-Pacific.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does creating an account at mean that I am registered for the conference?
    No. You need to fill out the form in the "Conference Registration" Tab to register.
  2. Why can't I access the "Call for Papers" and "Call for Workshops" Tab?
    To access the "Call for Papers" and "Call for Workshops" Tab, presenters are required to create an account at and complete the conference registration form.
  3. What is the cost of the conference registration? Pre-conference workshop registration?
    Conference registration costs 300 USD while pre-conference worhshop costs 100 USD.
  4. How do I register for a pre-conference workshop?
    Pre-conference workshops will be announced once available. Conference registrants will be notified via email.
  5. How do I pay for the conference fees?
    Payment details will be announced once available. Conference registrants will be notified via email.

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