2ND APEA International Evaluation Conference 2019 Philippines

Main Theme: Reducing Poverty-Enabling Peace: Evaluation for Accountability, Transparency and Sustainable Development

Conference Themes

Results Evaluation and SDGs: The potent power of partnership for peace, security and sustainable development

  • South-South Collaboration strategies for development results
  • Public-Private Partnerships for social impact ventures
  • Private Sector-Plural Society Partnerships for peace, poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • Public Sector-Plural Society Partnerships: What difference can they make?
Different milieus of interventions and results evaluation for peace, security and sustainable development
  • Agriculture - Food Production, Conflict, and Fragility
  • Good Governance and the war against Corruption
  • Poverty Reduction, Resilience and Environment Sustainability
  • Gender and Rights Issues
Results evaluation in the Private Sector and emerging ventures - what’s the real score?
  • Social Impact ventures and measure of Results
  • Blended Finance for Sustainable Development and Markets Resilience
  • Financial Intermediaries’ assessment of Public-Private Partnership programs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and measure of results
Evaluation evidence and what’s done to influence national policies and actions
  • Innovative approaches and methods for rigor and attribution
  • Results evaluation and SDGs; Where are we now?
  • What’s up in the Parliament and Public Sector Governance for results evaluation?
  • Lessons from the South and Indigenous evaluations
The must to strengthen evaluation communities for advancing peace, security and sustainable development
  • VOPES–national and regional: Ethical issues, code of conduct and organizational achievements/pitfalls
  • Evaluators are aging fast – is it time for the YEEs?
  • Emerging, non-conventional evaluation societies/sectors: Parliament, Indigenous, Private/Corporate, Academia
  • What are the scores in ECD and Global Agenda 20/20?